You’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas—well get ready because here comes the 12 GIFTS of Christmas. (You better hold on to your socks ’cause you won’t be getting any this year, if we have anything to do with it!)

We are giving out over $1,000 of Christmas cheer starting TODAY, the 12th of December! We’re helping 12 of you buy gifts over the next 12 days to help answer the question “what should I give ‘em?”

Here’s how you do it: tweet @GiveEmThis the best gift you found on, and why it is such a great idea. You can tweet it by clicking the gift in step 3 and then click “share.”

11 of you will win a $75 e-gift card toward your online gift hunt. ONE of you lucky GiveEmThis’ers will win a $200 e-gift card. The only catch: have to be in US and not hate Christmas.

You can win one of three ways:

  1. Tell us about the best gift you found for yourself. (You greedy Grinch!)
  2. Tell us the coolest thing you found for you friend or Twitter celebrity. (You’re almost better than Santa Claus)
  3. OR, we’ll be scouring Twitter & the blogosphere looking for those holiday shoppers who haven’t quite found the perfect gift … yet.

Just our way of helping you unwrap life!

So tell your kids, tell your wife, and tell your husbands that we gifting everyone up in here…or at least 12 of you!


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